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{These are my beliefs and mine alone.!!!}

Stories about my views as I walk the woods of the Rockies
and walk through ceremonies will be posted
here on and off during the next year or so. Let me know by e-mail if you enjoy
any of them.

I believe all things have life of some kind {spirit or energy}. Rocks, water, trees,
grasses, insects, animals and man. Man is one of the things of Earth. He is no
better than any one of these living things. He is equal to the lives on Earth. I see
spirit in the clouds as they grow stronger while feeding on energy of the sky and
Earth. They become stronger as they grow, shooting out bolts of fire down to
Earth, then they grow week and die. That is their way I cannot change it. All things
live and die in their own way. The four winds from the four directions are as
individual as four Elk, four Deer, four bears, or four men. The four Winds war
among themselfs the same as men war among themselfs. The Earth is our Mother,
from her our bodies come and some day our bodies will return to her. The Sun gives
light so all can live. The moon our sister influences us as well. I live a life of truth
and honesty as I see it. All people see truth a little different. That is what makes
us individuals walking on the Earth on our own path. Our spirit grows through
giving to others who honor the gift given. I push my belief on no one as this is
how I alone believe. I honor all things as sacred and all things as equal.
This is my belief.


as our bodies get older and the pain gets more and more, we search for relief only to find relief with
high cost medicines that kill, yet our gov still alows them to be sold that have
tons of side effects that are worse than the pain. we continue to search and some find a good
medicine and others don't and suffer more. i eat like my grandfathers and find it works pretty well.
good wild meats, greens, and berrys seem to do the most good but still i search for relief from the pain.
i searched through natural remedies of which some worked and some did nothing because
i was treating the symtoms and not the cause. canabis has been a god send for the pain. this must be what
god smokes as it bring relief and peace of mind to body and soul. thank you great mystery
for this wonderful medicine.
posted 3/8/14

Winter is coming soon to put the trees and most plants to sleep. It is a good time to
reflect on the past year. It was a good year to be alive as all years are good to be alive.
We take things for granted until they are lost. This includes our loved ones that have passed
to the other side. Most fear death because we are not ready to die. I welcome death with
open arms as I know I will be part of the whole again. I will go to the source of all things
and be at peace in my heart. I feel this peace when I'm out in the forest painting the trees and
grasses I dearly love. In the woods I feel the love of Great Mystery and the peace he brings
to me when I open my heart and eyes to see Great Mystery as he & she is. Everything is
Great Mystery and Great Mystery is all things everywhere.
posted 10/14/12

"The Holidays are here."
As the holidays get closer we all have a need to celebrate things in our own way.
I believe creator wants us to enjoy and celebrate life every day we are given to walk on this sweet earth.
Be kind and kindness returns, be hatefull and it to returns also.
The skys are gray today. The North Wind has come to us again
for a little while to bless us with a dose of clean crisp air
and sweet white snow to put the earths creatures to sleep.
I love the way the fog rolls in over the mountains to ute the colors and our views.
Be kind to even the smallest of creatures and life will treat you kindly.
celebrate in your own way, be kind to all things and have a good 2012.
posted 12/15/11

"our sweet sweet earth"
we as humans become too comfortable in our ways of daily life. we go along doing the things that
make life easy not thinking of the consequences to our planet. after all this is the only place we
ave to live. we are slowly killing off all our cohorts in life. it will be a lonely place
and a sad day when we are the only ones left on the planet. we think we will try to fix
it tomorrow but tomorrow never ever comes. each little thing we do to curb our destructive ways will
go a long way. how can you as a human help keep
our own backyard cleaner for all?
posted 5/25/10

"no one wants to die"
when a person gets real close to death, or crossing over to the other side, we either panic or we make peace with one's self.
not knowing whats on the other side, a person turns to god or his creator and tries to make sense of it all.
if one is secure in one's beliefs then one is happy up to the end of his gift of life here on this sweet earth.
we should find our peace with life prior to the panic we will encounter.
posted 12/20/09

I believe the Great Mystery is all things and all things are the great mystery. The earth is part of the Great Mystery -
the Great Mystery is the earth. Great Mystery manifests in clouds, wind, water, people, animals, all things.
I am myself yet also the Great Mystery. I honor Great Mystery by honoring myself.
Posted 9/20/09

I believe in the things I see and feel. These things are the wind, the sky, the earth, the air I breath.
I feel the spirits around me as I walk the sweet earth. I feel the four winds as they blow across my face.
I feel the power of the sky people as they live and die as they move across the sky. Today I feel my spirit in me stir
as I create a new painting of the old days of my life. Life is as good as we make it and as good as it ever was.

Posted 8/19/09

We all are given one life to live. How we live this life is our own choice.
As we grow older, mother pulls harder on our bodies and we hurt more. We look for help and find
many many answers to our questions. What and whom do we beleive in in order to find relief to our pains?
I have tried many things to help but very few are helpful. One has to search near and far for answers.
I listen to my body as it tells me all I need to know to bring me health and happiness, but I am more confused
than ever. Yet I continue to search for answers to life's problems as I float down life's river to the vast oceans
of the unknown.

Posted 4/12/09

Honor the Four Winds as brothers and friends. Recognise them as being alive as spirit power and as physical
power. I know they are alive as I can feel them as I smoke and give thanks for the beautiful things they
show us. They [as we] are seperate yet part of the whole.

People hear your words yet do they hear your meaning. Do they hear correctly or do they hear your words
and give them their meanings to fit their path? I have seen this many times.I speak words I interpret in my mind.
Another hears them and repeats them but they have taken on a new meaning. Is this the begining of life as a rumor?

Posted 12/16/08

"snow maker"
Snow has settled in on mother earth. Most trees and grasses have gone to sleep for the winter.
The sky is crisp and clean, the air is sweet, the earth has gone to sleep, and life goes on.
Even in the coldest of days the winged ones still sing their songs of joy to be alive.
They fluff up feathers to keep out the cold and dine on al kinds of seeds.
We as two leggeds need to take a lesson from the wingeds, after all we can not do a thing
about the cold except bundle up and enjoy what is given to us.

Posted 12/16/08

Fall is here again to remind us of the Circle of Life. Spring is a time of new life. The leaves start a new cycle
in their life as young, then move through to maturity, then they complete their life cycle and
fall to mother earth to be absorbed by her to feed someone else's young. This is the way of all life.
A good friend of mine "Nick Standing Bear" has passed to Mother recently. Like the people of old,
Bear chose his way to walk his walk on this fine earth and to fall back to His Mother the Earth.
For this I give honor to you.
Aho my friend.

Posted 10/21/08

What a great time Beth and I had in Creede in July at the wood carvers show. As I look up at the mountains
every morning their beauty and size brings tears to my eyes. They stand in silence now as they remember the hustle and bustle
of the miners of days gone by. Every year is more beautiful than the last. I guess as I age I have greater
respect and awe for the things on and in the earth. Never take things for granted for some day they will be gone.

Posted 7/21/08

As I look up to the sky the beauty of creation caresses my senses. I feel the spirit of the clouds
as they glide across the sky with ease. Oh to be able to glide like the clouds looking down on
the earth and all the beings that live upon her. It must look so different up high in the sky.
Yet I must be content with my life here on the ground. Some day I to will fly high in the
sky gliding low across the waters and high above the clouds. Life is good here on our beatiful
Posted 4/12/08

As I walk through the valley of the white birds, I feel alive and alert atop My war pony.
The Earth smells sweat under my feet, the Sky is crisp and clean, the Wind feels
warm as it blows the clouds around like leaves in the fall, the earth colors are soft and warm,
and my love for this place is still as strong as when I was a young man of thirteen winters.
When My time comes this is where I choose to sing My song and cross to the other side.
Posted 2/10/08

It is good to see the things Grandfather placed in the sky.
I look up and see life in the clouds, the birds, the insects and the wind.
Each good day should be looked at in a special way. A way that shows our thanks
for life as it is given to us. These are the
lifes that were given to us to live. We choose how We live not some one
else. I choose to live it in a sacred way as my granfathers before me did.
Posted 1/23/08

To those who can feel their Spirit Force.

We put a small piece of our Spirit into each painting, sculpture, artifact, carving or clay pot.
The Earth is covered with Spirits that wish to help us in all we do. The materials we use
come together to make a new spirit form. These things we make or paint with joy in our Spirits
are to be shared so others may feel the joy we feel as we create them. They are alive and live to give
joy and happiness to those who seek it. Seek it for it is there. I was born in the halo of the Sun, a part of the
Great Mystery that shines over the land to bring warmth and life to all no matter what race or religion. We
know all things that ever were or ever will be. When we take life, that life stays close to hear man give
thanks to them for giving their physical body for our food and shelter. To put on hides of Buffalo, Elk or
other animals is to feel their spirit stir within us. Our spirits join as one. It is a good day to be alive.
Posted 1/10/08

Are we creating a silent spring?

The Spirit of the Creator settled on the earth in a heavy mist and He was sad
to see the destruction and greed of man the walker. Walker has fouled the air and streams
for all on this good earth. Walker has bored holes in her to extract her life blood to give power to
his creations. Walker plays little creator along side or above Creator. In doing so Walker is destroying the
only place he has to live. Walker thinks he can go elsewhere to start again or other life will come to save him,
but other life does not want him on their world so he can destroy it also. Mother Earth tires of this creation
gone astray of the ways of truth and honesty. Mother weeps and is sad.
posted 1/3/08

We have the right to be who we want to be, not what someone else wants us to be.
Grandfather help us to be strong like the eagle, powerfull like the grizzly and swift like the deer.
Help us to hold everything on Mother Earth as sacred and beautiful, to treat her with respect and
to use the things she gives us wisely.
Some days I envy the Big Hawk's ability to fly and stay free.
Creator, you are all things and all these things belong to you. Help me to remember this and honor you
in all the things I do in my life.
posted 12/29/07

Life is a gift
Life lives by living off life.

I see all life as one spirit flowing through all the forms around me. There is a spirit realm beyond
what I see. The Grandfathers have always known these things through visions and dreams.
I see Great Mystery flowing through all things.
I see the dawn, moon, stars, rain, fog, sun, night, earth, fire, air and water as spirits with powers of
their own as well as the power of Great Mystery in them.
They send awe throughout my spirit as they go about their lives. I perceive beauty in all these things.
posted 12/5/07

Man alone creates anger, hatred, cruelty and fear. Creator is above such petty things. Is creator so
backwards? Does he have to depend on a book hundreds of winters old when he can bring each new spring.
I need no book to know creator. He gave me mind, heart, body and spirit to learn of my creator.
All things I will ever need he placed inside my spirit.
I know right from wrong, good from bad. I alone choose the path I walk.
posted 11/25/07

In the begining of time as we know it, Great Mystery gathered all things together and spoke to all.
"Each must be willing to give up their life for others to live". All agreed to this. Man must give thanks to
all life he takes for food, saying "I ask for your life so I can feed my children in order to live. I know
that some day my body will return to Mother Earth to feed the grasses that feed your children".
In this ways it is good.
posted 11/25/07

Every day I lived is mine. I was at them all. I feel the same now as I did after
I became a man. My spirit was the same through out my life. My body only
ages not my spirit.
posted 11/25/07

In life all things are first young and then old, but he who walks the
earth softly with the creator finds all the days
he has put into our lifes as beautiful. It is only the eyes of angry
and discontented men or women that make them otherwise.
I choose to walk the earth softly seeing joy in all things.
posted 10/14/07

Mother Earth from you my body came to you some fine day it will return
releasing my spirit to fly among the clouds with my father and my grandfathers
who came before me. Until that fine day may I be your eyes so you may see
all the beautiful things that are you and live on you, the two legged, four legged,
those who fly above you, those that live upon you and those that live in you.
May I be your ears so you can hear the sweet songs of the birds and insects,
the sweet sound of the wind as it blows across your face, the sweet sound of the
songs sung to and for you and the sounds of all life on you. May I be your touch
so you may feel all the beauty that is you. Mother Earth you as all things are
sacred to me. May I always honor and respect you.
posted 10/08/07

Grandfather you are first and always will be.
You stand alone. All things belong to you and they are all sacred. Here
at the center I see all things. The light shines all around me. I come into
power with the Sun for I like the Sun am my own power. If truth goes out
from me truth will return, if a lie goes out from me a lie will return, if
hate goes out from me hate will return, therefore I choose truth and happiness
to keep my spirit strong and free as the Eagle who flys high above the mountains
so wings touch the sky. Nothing stands above my joy, my will, or my love
for all creatures of Mother Earth. I will never answer to anyone but self
or for anyone but self. I pursue only truth and my spiritual growth. If it is
not of the spirit I choose another path. I walk the earth listening to my
spirit self never acting contrary to what it says. My spirit knows all things
that ever were or ever will be, all the trees, all the winged ones and all things
invisible. I own all the wisdom of my Grandfathers.

RedHawk 1989

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